Tuesday, October 6, 2009

how to enable trackpad in linux

# trackpad on

I tried this with linux on powerpc.

Friday, October 2, 2009

rxvt with tabbing

Impressive! rxvt now comes with tabbing... lol but don't get confused with 'screen'. It's not a replacement. Might give you the same feature by seeing from your eyes but if you use 'screen' long enough, you will understand that it's not the same.

links2 / w3m

I have been looking for a good text based web browser for a while. Everything seems to go into the same route, elinks. I think it is the only text based browser that supports JavaScript and also display the color of websites. But its key bindings does not match my lifestyle. I still use w3m. Mostly because its keybindings are vi-friendly.

blogger.com does not support text based web browser

Woo hoo!! I have just installed grml_2009.05 a dream linux distro! But hey wait... I have just realsized that I can't use blogger.com from my w3m - my favourite text based web browser. Ughhh I am publishig blog via firefox. Firefox? WTF! I hate firefox. It is just a real bastard who was born to eat RAM. Right now, my Firefox with 8 tabs consumes 230MB of RAM. Grr... there is not much choice... The web geeks just can't stop adding more stuff into the www. Needless to say, it's because of Google - who brought ajax to the interest of the world. Ugh...