Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ugly Data Plan from a Phone Company

Few days ago, I got a bad news from Nokia's newsletter that AIS will begin charging Nokia Messaging Email service as an extra fee for Nokia users who use AIS's network.

AIS is a telephone company owned by our ex premier Thaksin Shinawatr who is now being accused of committing so many _corruptions_.

Normally, I paid 999 Baht per month for unlimited EDGE connection already. This allowed me to use pushed mail by Nokia Messaging. (The whole idea of Nokia Messaging is stupid but it's free for now so I have to use it).

With bad temper, I phoned the call center and asked them to confirm about the news. She told me with my current data plan, I had to pay extra 380 Baht per month so that I could use both unlimited edge connection and nokia messaging! I was totally shocked. I was very upset. I told her it did not make any sense for me to pay extra for the tcp client/server application that I was using. If I was forced to pay 380 Baht more monthly, I could just purchase a commercial email client which supports pushed mail and I just paid only 1,500 Baht for the life time for that software. I told her this new data plan was totally nuts.

She asked me to hold on for a few minutes. Then, she came back and told me there was another data plan that I should switch to. This new data plan has both unlimited edge connection and allowing to use nokia messaging with ais for 999 Baht per month.... err... (I know this sounds very stupid again) but yeah... this is what I want. So I said YES, PLEASE DO IT NOW.

My country is so funny. I see this as a cheating. For fuck sake, why do we have to pay more for services / websites that we want to access while we already pay for the edge data plan? For fuck sake, how come AIS has such data plans like "BB Edge with Facebook", "BB Edge with Email", "BB Edge with Twitter", "BB Edge with Instant messaging"... what the fuck

How come they are allowed to charge customers based on services that they use!? FUCK IT. Maybe in the future they will charge me if I go to too often from my phone? Grr... fuck fuck fuck


Anonymous said...

Same in the US. Mobile companies here do what they want. and no one thinks it's strange... go figure.

In Brazil it was better. but just because there's not much clients to go about setting all those restrictions.

unsigned_nerd said...

Ugh... is that so? Gotta learn to live with this bloody plan then. Thanks!

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