Sunday, August 1, 2010

using bridge mode networking for guest operating system with VirtualBox

I installed virtualbox by adding this line to apt's source.list file in grml:

deb lenny non-free

Then I executed "au" (au is an alias for apt-get update in grml), followed by "agi virtualbox-3.2" (agi is an alias for apt-get install in grml).  Then I could run virtualbox for the first time by calling "VirtualBox" from shell.  I then installed Windows XP and everything went smoothly.  The default of guest os's networking type is NAT mode.  However, I wanted to use bridged mode as I think it will be fair for my guest os to co-exist in the same  LAN as other computers.  I then told VirtualBox I wanted to use bridge mode networking which was when it printed out some error message which I couldn't remember.

Anyway, after some researching I found out that after a fresh installation of everything, I also needed to install "dkms" package by:

# agi dkms

Then I restarted VirtualBox and I now can use bridge mode networking with the Guest OS under VirtualBox.


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