Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to back up sms in Nokia phone on MacOSX

It's BluePhoneElite 2. You can search for it on google.
It comes with other useful functionalities too. Check it out!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

sony digital reader and macosx

In September 2008, I bought a Sony Digital Reader PRS-505, the latest version of Digital Reader from Sony at the time. It cost me around CAD$ 299 + (expensive canadian's) tax + shipping fee. I used it for a few weeks and then I stop. Yeah, I was just a lazy guy.

Regardless of my laziness, anyway, now I am getting back to it again. A bad thing about Sony is that they don't support any operating systems other than Windows. I am talking about software to manage my sony digital reader. But at least, there are some people working on this and give it away for free (to use? or free as in freedom? dunno...). There are 2 most interesting ones I have found:
  1. docudesk
  2. calibre
I read the review of the first one which is docudesk and think that it will not work for me. And, more importantly, it crashed when I invoked it all the time...???. So I choose calibre with the main reason, it supports RSS feeds. This means I can download articles from RSS feeds and read it from my digital reader. YAY!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to install flash plugin in linux

Manually install it for your own account. Go to to download the tar ball version of flash plugin. Unpack it and you will get file. Now create "plugins" directory inside "~/.mozilla". Then, copy that .so file to plugins/ and restart firefox!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

2 separated email accounts

Now I have 2 email accounts. One is and another one is ovi.vom.
The gmail one is for everything which consists of:

  • notification emails from any website I subscribe to such as facebook, google calendar, forum post
  • newsletter
  • password recovery
  • non human sent emails
  • mailing list
  • some human sent emails which I don't tell them yet about my ovi mail

The ovi one is just for emails that I use to talk with friends in such a way that when I look at my INBOX, I will feel like it is like SMS or a chat log. Simply said ovi is for emails from human who intends to talk with me.

What do you think about this approach?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

grml 2009.10 - hello-wien has been installed on my work machine

Yay... Finally, the new version has been installed. Now, I can install Google Chrome at ease, Firefox runs even faster and etc. No more libgif / libungif conflict.

However, VirtualBox OSE still does not work. After the fresh installation of hello-wien, I then used apt-get to install virtualbox-ose from the default repository... but it didn't work. Problem is still about vboxdrv, kernel module.

I then uninstalled it and went to to get the software from its debian repository. And it works!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thailand EDGE Issue - AIS vs TrueMove - Nokia Messaging

Jan 13, 2010
If you use EDGE from AIS, you can't use Nokia Messaging for Email ( You won't see a problem if you use EDGE from TrueMove. However, EDGE from TrueMove is very slow compare to the same service from other companies.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

how to check your symbian version

Symbian Series 60 3.0
Symbian Series 60 3.0. Examples: Nokia E61, N73, N80.
Symbian Series 60 3.1
Symbian Series 60 3.1. Examples: Nokia E71, E75, E90, N95.
Symbian Series 60 3.2
Symbian Series 60 3.2. Examples: Nokia N78, N96.
Symbian Series 60 5.0
Symbian Series 60 5.0. Examples: Nokia 5800, N97.

windows 7 remote desktop server does not work

A week ago, my Windows XP running under VirtualBox crashed. I decided to install Windows 7 due to some office purchased licenses that I can't use Windows XP anymore for the new installation. Windows 7 is so slow... just like Windows Vista. But more importantly, when I am over VPN connection to the office and I connect with Remote Desktop from my linux to this Windows 7, it is fucking slow. Slow like a
turtle. It does not work. When I used this rdp with Windows XP, it was working fine. NOT this slow. Fuck off... oIIo

Saturday, January 2, 2010

grml 2009.10

Few days ago I did a fresh installation of grml 2009.10 (hello-wien)
on my 8GB usb drive. I could notice significant amount of speed
faster than grml 2008.11 on the same usb drive running on the
same lenovo desktop with a specific specification.
Moreover, firefox comes by default with 2009.10 is awesome.
It works faster than ever though I believe it still eats lots of my
RAM. At least, it's faster. Plus the existence of vimperator, I can't
switch to google chrome yet. Using firefox without mouse... that's
the perfect thing I had been longing for.

offlineimap and curses

oops... offlineimap dies whenever the terminal emulator's width is lower than some specific value with an error thrown from!!! wtf with a text based program that gets affected from the terminal width... grr