Sunday, January 24, 2010

sony digital reader and macosx

In September 2008, I bought a Sony Digital Reader PRS-505, the latest version of Digital Reader from Sony at the time. It cost me around CAD$ 299 + (expensive canadian's) tax + shipping fee. I used it for a few weeks and then I stop. Yeah, I was just a lazy guy.

Regardless of my laziness, anyway, now I am getting back to it again. A bad thing about Sony is that they don't support any operating systems other than Windows. I am talking about software to manage my sony digital reader. But at least, there are some people working on this and give it away for free (to use? or free as in freedom? dunno...). There are 2 most interesting ones I have found:
  1. docudesk
  2. calibre
I read the review of the first one which is docudesk and think that it will not work for me. And, more importantly, it crashed when I invoked it all the time...???. So I choose calibre with the main reason, it supports RSS feeds. This means I can download articles from RSS feeds and read it from my digital reader. YAY!


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