Thursday, September 24, 2009

RE: Content Removal #38391

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From: "Object" <>

Subject: Content Removal #38391

Date: 25th September 2009

Time: 12:52:29 AM

Dear unsigned_nerd,

We are informing you that we have removed the following comment from your account in Ovi Store:

There is a problem with Nokia E71. You cannot use the latest version of MfE. The problem is that in always on mode, the connection to the Exchange server will just keep failing. To make it work, you have to use a specific version of MfE which you can get it here:

We have removed the comment since it appears to violate the Ovi Store content guidelines.

Nokia is committed to providing a safe and fun service for the consumers. Repeated violations of the content guidelines may lead to termination of the account. Please continue to use Ovi Store but please review the Content Guidelines for what is not allowed on the service.

Thank you,

Ovi Store Moderation Team

If you have any questions, feel free to ...


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