Tuesday, October 23, 2012

PayPal password issue

Today I was signing up a new PayPal account for my girlfriend. On the sign up page, there was a password field. There was a stupid limitations on this password field:
  • Please retype your password. Don't copy and paste it.
  • Enter 8-20 characters.
How can we set a strong password with these 2 stupid limitations?

Normally, I use very long and random password for each website differently. No wonder, I don't remember most of them. Here are some possibilities of my passwords:
  • _*32s32DSzxzks#x13242
  • 82k)k2_k2nxmJJ23##!@$5a
  • jskfj-1k3kyu78nkyk&&ihdskjhntsk@$
Due to its complexity, I usually don't retype them. I copy and paste it on the password field. And they are usually longer than 20 characters. I store my passwords on my encrypted partitions (with back up).

With PayPal's password policy, I can't use my typical strong password. I need to choose an easy-to-guess password in order to sign up a new PayPal account. Isn't it weird?


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