Thursday, September 11, 2008

Apple Mail Font Problem with Microsoft Outlook and the Rest of the World

People have a lot of problems when they have to send emails from Apple Mail to the recipients that use Microsoft Outlook as their email client.  The problem is that the font that is shown to the recipients who use Microsoft Outlook will be Times New Roman 12pt regardless of whatever font you set with Apple Mail Preferences.

As I searched from Google, I found 3 interesting threads:

The #1 link says that the Font that we see in Apple Mail is shown correctly in Outlook only the signature part.

The #2 link says that we can use Stationery to accomplish the same result like #1 link but the problem is:

The #3 link says that we can use the Stationery only when we Compose a new email.  This means when we forward or reply the email, we can't use this method.

I have come up to a working solution which is quite easy.   I use Signature to solve this problem.

I created a signature with Verdana font like this:

> Hi _,
> <put content here>
> Thanks,
> unsigned_nerd

Then every time I compose a new email or reply/forward an email, the signature will show up and I put my email message in the "<put content here>".


NOTE THAT we can use only Fonts that don't have a space in their name and exist in Windows.

For example, I can't use "Courier New" but I can use "Courier".


jim said...

This works when composing, but still there is the problem when replying to email. The font chosen in preferences is changed to times.

Seems to be a very bad misstep on apple's part here.



Brook said...

I agree that this issue is a pain...

However, the solution above does work for replies/forwards as long as you have it set to put your signature "above quoted text" for both..

dominic said...

for such visual computers this is a disgrace from Apple who have known about this issue for at least 5 years. pathetic.

Alexis said...

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