Sunday, September 14, 2008

How to Watch Incomplete Downloaded Movie

Many times when you are downloading porn movies from your favorite torrent trackers, you will want to see the movies although they are not completely downloaded.  But with your default movie players, you won't be able to watch.

There is a killer application that you can use to watch those incomplete downloaded movies.  I proudly present "MPlayer" for you guys!

"MPlayer" is ready for several platforms (in pre-compiled versions):

  • MacOSX -
  • Windows and Linux -

Some Linux distributions might already contain MPlayer in their repositories.  For example, Ubuntu Linux has MPlayer in its software repository.

Enjoy your free movies!


Anonymous said...

..not rly work -.-..i got same problem with this Mplayer..i mean..not rly the same..frm unfinished movie i cannot watch the movie but the sound go right not that rly good..

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