Thursday, June 18, 2009

word focus from longman - "cut"

*chop* to cut vegetables, meat, or wood into pieces
*slice* to cut bread, vegetables, or meat into thin pieces
*dice* to cut vegetables into small pieces
*peel* to cut the outside part off an onion, apple etc
*grate* to cut cheese or vegetables into small pieces by rubbing them
*against* a special tool
*carve* to cut pieces from a large piece of meat
*saw* to cut wood using a special tool called a saw
*chop* down to cut down a tree, using an axe
*snip* to cut something quickly using scissors
*shave* to remove hair from your face or body
*trim* to remove small parts of something to make it look neat
*mow* to cut grass
*prune* to cut off the top part of plants, in order to make them grow better


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