Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to resizing image with convert (ImageMagick)

There are several ways to reduce the size of an image with 'convert'. I know one possible way that really works for me:

$ convert -size 768x512 in_file out_file


Image Convert said...

Great! thanks for the heads up. Does this work all the time? Because I tried doing it myself but looks like there are tags or scripts i am not able to understand. Or maybe there are typographical errors? I hope someone will help. thanks.

unsigned_nerd said...

Hello there

What do you mean by "tags and scripts"?

I think basically it should work with any image files. Moreover, recently, I found that we can even specify the resize factors in percentage of both width and height which will be more flexible than specifying the pixels.


unsigned_nerd said...

a screenshot would worth a ton... try uploading image to some service such as TwitPic

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