Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nokia Messaging, latest edition, works like a charm

Get it at:

Until earlier this year, Nokia Messaging still did not work (at least with my Nokia E71). It made me have to pay to:

  • for a Microsoft Exchange email service
  • RoadSync, a M$ Exchange client for Symbian, as MailForExchange by Nokia consumes too much battery, can support not more than 400 emails in my INBOX and also allows me access to only my INBOX.

But just last week, I downloaded the latest version of Nokia Messaging and it just works! It can sync my gmail, all mail folders! And it consumes very small battery power! I can keep it always on for a full day and my battery decreases only 1 bar!!! I think Nokia must have changed the entire email for nokia development team heh

Right now, it's still free for use.

unsigned nerd


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