Thursday, July 22, 2010

Surfing websites anonymously with Tor

I completely don't understand why my government (in Thailand) has to invest a considerable amount of money on blocking undesirable websites.  As per my clear technical knowledge, it is impossible to do such thing.  Even within The Great Firewall of China, anyone who want to enjoy their activities on the Internet freely can, at least, subscribe to a pretty cheap and affordable VPN service from any providers outside China and then route their traffics through the VPN gateway instead and live a happier life since.

I'd like to introduce you of how to browse websites anonymously (which also bypasses the Internet Censorship somehow) through a well-known proxy system, Tor.

Regardless of how complexity Tor is which you will never really have to concern and if you run Grml Linux, you are coming to a right way.  The set up is very easy as follow:
  • grml_2009.10 (Hello-Wien) - I'd assume for any newer versions of grml, it should be relatively easy still
  • # agi tor
  • # /etc/init.d/privoxy start
  • # /etc/init.d/tor start
  • Install Torbutton for Firefox
Now when you want to browse website anonymously via Tor, you can just click at the Torbutton on the bottom-right corner of Firefox (just make sure privoxy daemon and tor daemon are up and  running).


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