Sunday, July 4, 2010

web based chart builder

There were times when I needed to write flow charts or (computer) network diagrams.  Usually, people would just expect me to use Microsoft Visio and I just wouldn't disagree with that expectation.  In fact, even though I prefer Linux and I am fed up with anything Microsoft already, I still  like Microsoft Office per se.

There was a day when I had to create a (computer) network diagram of my office.  Normally, I had Windows operating system installed on a virtualization but unfortunately it was already gone due to a harddisk failure which I hadn't been able to install it again due to my problematic old machine which for some reason would crash if I tried to read/write harddisk too  much which was the case when I wanted to install Windows on a virtualization so .... I didn't have Windows at the time.

Luckily, I found a good web application (a Flash application):

My Lovely Charts

It's free as in beer.  It's easy to use.  I could export it into either png format or jpg format.  I could do everything with the free version.  The only features with the paid version that concerns me are:
You may find more ... but as I said the free version is good enough (at least for me).


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