Friday, June 25, 2010

grayscale monitor in macosx

I had been looking for a way to have an e-ink-like monitor that I can use with my computer.  The closest technology I had found was iLiad, an e-book reader which is well-known for its openness for hacking.  Of course, it is a linux-based. People have been able to run x window, xclock and etc on it together with using keyboard remotely.  Yes, it looked promising.

However, just today, I happened to find out Pixel Qi's hybrid monitor!  You can search it from Google.  There are many stories about it.  Rumour has it that this special monitor will be shipped around September to December this year (2010).  What is cool about its monitor?  It is the same quality as e-ink!  Its refresh rate is a lot higher than those e-ink out there like Amazon kindle or Sony Digital Reader that I am using.  It even supports colour (still e-ink!).

I will buy it for sure.  But, meanwhile, I have also found a way to turn everything on my screen to be grayscale by going to:
  • System Preferences
  • Universal Access
  • Display


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