Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to hibernate a mac

With new mac (current year is 2010), we can hibernate our macintosh computers by manipulating power management settings via this command:

$ sudo pmset hibernatemode 1

Then, the next time you "sleep" your mac, it will hibernate instead.  Make sure you wait until the white LED turns off which is when you can unplug the power cord.

I can confirm that this method works with MacBook Pro and MacMini (current year is 2010).

Note that this is not a hack as "pmset" is an official tool which you can read its manpage on your system via:

$ man pmset

You only need to set this property just one time and it will be set forever until you set it to something else later.

For those who hates UNIX's way of doing things for some reason (even though you are running MacOSX which is a UNIX system), you can try this:

And get a D from me.


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